Hot pink is fun!
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hot pink is fun!
broken hot pink lawn chairs are fun, also Corson is a stupid son of a bitch.
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From: Stephane Portha
To: 'Spider Altaruk'
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2000 9:09 AM
Subject: RE: i'm going to sue you for $1270 dollars!

This is the most fun message i have seen for a while.


Stéphane Aka Unixmad.

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De : Spider Altaruk []
Envoyé : Tuesday, May 16, 2000 9:36 PM
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Objet : i'm going to sue you for $1270 dollars!

Dear sir and/or madam,

Last night I was playing a riveting game of Graal-Online. I was having a fun time too. Until some lpb camper faggot tried to hit me with a bunch of jolt bombs and everything mysteriously froze. I'm very upset over this because now my modem just makes a loud buzzing sound when I plug it in and then the dog starts barking. He later threw up and although I can't prove it was because of this I'm just going to assume it was. Also, at the same time the cable went out so I was forced to play a warez version of Wing Commander 4 for the next 7 hours. It's bad enough Mark Hamill is in it, but now I have the sudden urge to kick my self in groin over and over again while throwing rocks at giant hairy beasts that can fly spaceships. Oh yeah, my hot pink lawn chair is broken too, enclosed is a picture for your enjoyment

You will be hearing from my lawyer as soon as he gets off work from food lion!



Corson is a lamer!
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