Skorp's Scary Things

Welcome to my page I am skorp the goal of this page to to fig out weird

things the following is my explanation of...........CJ/graal server







What excatly is the prob with the graal server? lets look at the facts's always going down

2.accounts get messed up's owned by CJ's coded by stefan's used to play a really fun game





After going over these facts I came to the following conclusion

CJ is not Really a online gaming comp its actually a front put up by the goverments of the world to brain wash us...I know what your thinking "skorp your nuts" but its true here is how it happened/works

CJ killed the real stefan and replaced him with a evil clone (thats why the first few graals were good and the new ones suck) they then added a brain washing program to graal but there is one side effect it the program makes your brain slow down slightly while its running (CJ tells us its lag) that explains the slow server but what about lost account info......that is really the brain washing you see they make you "think" you got those items but you really never did....its really just a test to get rid of all the bugs in the brain washing program.....they even came up with a way to find out if it was working by added the account resetting feature on








Stefan: harmless graal coder or evil mind molesting clone? Stephane: server admin or evil brain washing mastermind? Pierre-Luc: graal admin or stephane's first brain washing experiment?



Fatass.. er Gandarian

Jonathan: programer or bio experiment went wrong? Andrew: NPC programer or designer of mind warping programs? ??????: nothing on file