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July 31 1999


More informations about what happend this afternoon with the guildcodes problem. First, Speh6969 was not responsable for letting the codes out. He simply used it.

Now about how the problem happend. I had an argument with Spider on the GraalOnline game server. As a result of what happend, he posted the codes.

The server will be re-opened Sunday and the new codes will be implented in the next week.

04:53 (re-edited few minutes later)

Me once again. Just a short word to say that the Graal Theme is now available in the download section!

Also, as many of you might seen, some crybabys decided to release guilcodes because they wasn't given admin rights or other stupid reasons. They nicknames are Seph6969 and Spider. Well, as a reply tothey treat, we will shutdown the GraalOnline Server until Monday and change the guildcode encryption and add some other features. We will not accept any little crybaby like this fooling around to get attention. On need, we will do another account reset or wipe.

Finally, for everyone that used the GP or Police codes (without authorization), your complete IP Class C (example : 123.15.54.*) will be banned. In other words, you won't be able to play Graal again. Next time, think twice before doing something YOU KNOW you are not supposed too.