How to kill a cowardly lamer

This page is for all you brave, strong playerkillers out there on graal. If you feel you are being cheated of your victory because of a lame coward running away from you, here are some steps to stop him:

1. Follow the lamer EVERYWHERE. If you want him dead, show him your affection by following him everywhere. This would include different places on the map, houses, etc. It would be better if you followed him until you kill him. That way, he learns a lesson.


2. When they go into healing places, FOLLOW THEM! This means that you are able to throw pots at them if it is a noplayerkilling area, therfor, you have to hurry in there to beat him, and then either hit him with your sword, or throw bombs and things if it is noplayerkilling.


3. Save the chicks! If you see a whore being beat down, save her ass! This could prove useful for a lonely saturday night! Lamers will usually go after helpless whores. But remember, its ok to attack a whore if she attacks first. Especially save the naked ones =)


4. Shoot his lame ass! If he is running on a straight path, and you have some arrows handy, snipe his lamer ass! This is especially good for making fun of him thereafter. And remember, playerkillers aren't in it for the money, but make fun of someone when you get their money.


5. Laugh! Player killing isn't all mean stuff! It's nice to have a little fun once in a while! This makes people want to "spar" with you even more. You see, the average lamer gets enraged when one laughs at his death, or deaths. So, say "hahaha lameboy" every other kill or so.


6. Block off the lamer's power supply! If you are having trouble killing them, let other people kill them for you! With no hearts to run off to and refill with, they're dead! And after you have had a good laugh seeing them die so much, restart and kill them! Fight fire with fire!


by: king dan