Cheating is wrong kids
(scruff mcgruff says: iliketonydanza)

Cheating is wrong.. but you'll probably end up doing it anyway. All these programs do work however i'm not a total asshole, so don't bother asking me for help on finding values or whatever =\

The Stuff Is this anygood? 
Artmoney Yeah, it works fine and quickly too.
Cheatfinder This is the thing that started them all, and it's really quite good. Download
it now fool.
Gamehack Probably the most common cheating utility used among the Graal 
community It's pretty decent.
Game Wizard Game Wizard is funny, the same way laughing at a really ugly person is
funny. I'd stay away from this thing unless you like stuff that sucks.
Cheat 'o Matic The big cheese of cheating.. someone needs to put this thing out of it's
misery, at least it works though.
Winhack I love this thing, worship it now..


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