(orangeboogaloo must die!.. and i like brains)

I had recently planned to sit down and have a talk with Galen, Fuitad and Corson about the current condition of the server and other such things.. unfortunately the only one available at the the time was Corson. Luckily I quickly found some replacements.

Who Was Asked..

Galen (played by Mr. Magic 8 Ball)
Fuitad (played by talking my size Barbie (I swear to god I really have one of these))
Corson (as himself)


Spider: so how does everyone feel about Graal?


Magic Balls: it's still too early to tell
TMSB: lets go to the beach with ken!
Corson: levels arnt that good, hearts to easy to get, cheaters, gps that don't do there job...


Spider: what would you really like to see in the next version of Graal?


Magic Balls: maybe
TMSB: you have such pretty hair
Corson: um...more tiles, more baddies, maybe a zombie or something...


Spider: have any thoughts on Graal 3d?


Magic Balls: ask me again later
TMSB: lets go to the beach with ken!
Corson: not really, but it'd be cool..


Spider: how do you feel about the current server situation?


Magic Balls: the answer is most indefinite
TMSB: lets go to the beach with ken!
Corson: its been real laggie the last couple of days...needs to go back to how it was back in 1.1...didnt have that much lag and you could actually fight...


Spider: does anyone really have any fun playing?


Magic Balls: the answer is not clear at this time.
TMSB: lets go to the beach with ken!
Corson: the cheaters probably...after you get everything its gets pretty boring...expecially when your running at 24k...

I would have asked a few more questions but at this point Galen, er.. Magic Balls started emitting a strange liquid all over my desk.

Corson is a lamer!
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