yeah, this is a new thing goin on. We're called like the Samurai Faust, and if ya join us, good things could happen(maybe). Why have somethin like this goin on? Dunno, just felt like it.




September 16, 1999

- No news really today at all. Just a buncha personal problems, ranging from all kinds of things. Really wanted to break stuff, and make ya feel the wrath of a Kami, but decided that all you my children are really innocent, and don't deserve it, so just forget about it =(. BTW, Call Me Wise in 61 days! Oh, and the Family Values tour starts on the 21st, which is a event ya propably don't wanna miss, if it comes anywhere near your town!

September 15, 1999

- A bit unusual for me to update right after getting home from school, but I guess there is someone in Graal who opposes us. Azrael wishes to stand, and fight against our ideals. Go ahead and try killing him, whether you are officially a Follower, or just a supporter. He'll be forgiven, but you still have to destroy his body, or he'll keep on trying to do bad stuff to us. Call Me Wise in 62 days, and sign my damn guestbook already! Your everyday Kami sayin Auf Wiedersehen!

September 14, 1999

- ummm... just curious, do I update too late in the night for ya ppl? If so, lemme know, and I'll try changing that. Samurai faust was given the oppertunity to get more into the pollitical scene of Graal today. 0verlorD-San suggested a war against the Graal Army or somethin. The reasons I was given weren't ones I was looking for, to initiate one. Samurai Faust is more of a belief, rather than a guild. Yes, this means that even if you havn't been adopted, you may show your support by wearing something like (SF), or (Samurai Faust), etc. after your name. If anyone ever gets in the way of our believes though, then that's when we will make sure to destroy them. The other oppertunity that was given, was when this new guild called LoCo(somethin w/ cows, don't remember) wanted to ally with us. Again, we're not a guild, though it's the best we could define ourselves... Maybe we should consider ourselves a Graal Church? Dunno, go ahead and say guild, if it's more convinient for ya. Was rather dissapointed about Limp Bizkit's "Rearranged" debuting at only #5 on TRL today. Should check out the video/song though sometime(and vote for it from then on). Some people were curious about how they could be promoted. The best way to get promoted(or demoted for that matter), is if I hear about your deeds. This can either happen by you telling me(which allows me to post up more news too =P), or someone else telling me about what you did, but who'd do that for you anyways? Think that's about it for now. Ah yes, I'm rather upset that no one decided to sign our guestbook yet =( BTW, Call Me Wise in 63 days!

September 13, 1999

- oh yeah, heh, just remembered some things. You know how I don't have any html skills(Kamis are still limited to certain things. REALLY!), right? I went through some other guild pages, and noticed that this page itself is still missing something. What could that be? Take 5! . . . . . What is it? a Guest Book! That's right! You send me a message to put up there, including from who, and maybe an e-mail addy, and I'll copy/paste it to the guest book section(very bottom). Was a good day, as long as ya don't count school. The world premier of "Rearranged", from Limp Bizkit played today. Crappy video, but the song is awesome. I'm sure you've heared "Nookie" befor. Now if ya like this new one too, I suggest ya get their album "Significant Other." Sorry for wasting space in some sense, but your Kami just wishes to give some good wisdom to you. hmmm... yeah, make that another mission. You should advice ppl to buy this great cd, besides the stuff we're doing now already =).

- Woah! Have our believes become extra popular now or somethin? Someone got my ICQ#, ASKING to join, w/out me having talked to him about it before. Anyways, it's Grasshopper Paladin. We all should give a warm welcome too. Still need you all to give me some news once in a while. Remember, preach in Graal city, kill stuff outside of it!

- I think a record had been set. Being a member for only about 2 days or less, 0verlorD has already been promoted to Worshipper. Congratulations, from me, and the rest of my children. Spider-San finally enlightened me about what will happen when after there's one more day left of the countdown. The Fragile One will come out. Which reminds me, Call Me Wise in 64 more days! Good time to start that countdown, since 64 is in my name =). I still don't recieve much news(non at all actually) from any of you. Guess that covers it all up for now... Oh, and remember, 64!

September 12, 1999

- Was supposed to update last night already, but got into a chat, and was too tired after that =(. Anyways, I adopted another Follower. Welcome Grasshopper 0verlorD! Tried preaching our believes in Graal city last night, but the only ones who would listen was a suspected Nazi Youth member, and 0verlorD of course. Kain, and Hanzo thought I lost it or somethin though >=(. Had a tough day at TKD, but feel like I can kick anyone's ass right now(Kamis can do that), especially this pork&salad that's on my plate! Yum! Yum! BTW, until you children give me more stuff to update about, the page won't have too many frequent changes. Anyhting regarding you wanting me to learn html will be ignored though. Auf Wiedersehn!

September 11, 1999

- Wooo!!! Just noticed that this page has been up for a month now. Happy aniversery to all you Followers, the page, and myself for maintaining, frequently updating, and never really learning html. Let's see if we can make some of the pages that have more features, eat dust! After all, this thing is updated more foten than most pages out there(which is rather unfortunate). Finally, i may go to bed with an ego. BTW, anyone know what Spider-San will be involved in, whenever his count reaches 0? The only thing I know, is that he wants it to be over with soon(the countdown). Oh well, Saionara!

- 'Bout damn time they put up a link to our page, over at Graal Online. Finally recieved some outside comments for once, besides appearantly tempting others to make our believes part of themselves in Graal. Adopted someone just right now too. Welcome Grasshopper Golgamech. Slight counter update besides that. Thanks for all that offered to make a "better" Banner for us, but the current one is genuine! BTW, if this is your first time here, I'd suggest you'd start reading the news from the bottom to the top, if you do intent to check out everything. Your not so often, rude update, by your Kami(truth is, Kamis need sleep too, and after spending 3 hours of intense... uhhh... n/m, I just wanna go to bed now).

September 6, 1999

- YAY! We've passed the 30 mark! Clops-San shall soon recieve my reward. It'll have somethin to do w/ my (hopefully) future job at GO. Spider-San seemed quite a bit flattered about me putting up the Stinkbear section. In fact, he was so shocked that he could only say "YAY! Now I just have to think of something to put up there." That's about it, and a slight counter update.

- Can't wait to see who's gonna be the 30th "official" visitor to this site. Maybe a reward for ya? Just thought of a temprorare rule for all Samurai Faust Followers. Kill stuff outside of Graal City, and spread our believes in Graal City itself(Graal City being that one screen w/ Az's Nightclub, and Grasshopper zol's Bar). On a personal side, disregarding my lack of html knowledge(WEEEE!!!), I may get a job at Galen's Graal Page. What for? You'll find out soon enough, if you really do care to find out.

- No real news, still *sigh*. Why? 'Cause no one gives me any! Spider-San asked of his God-and-Master(me) to put a big "StinkyBear!!!" on this page, so I decided to give it its own section(note the "StinkyBear!!!" section right above the news). Ask me for my Desktop Backgrounds package(please =)). Ok, just gonna do a quick counter update now. Tschau!

September 5, 1999

- Worked on more backgrounds since my last update. The one you see on this page now, was created by myself. How'd I do it? Got Some Mega Man game for genesis, took a pic off of Bubbleman's stage, edited that, and woila! This one was a bitch to make though, as simple as this background may look. Too bad there's no counter update for me to do, so chances are that non of you saw my other masterpieces =( Was tryin to spread our believes on Graal a while ago, but couldn't connect. That's about it. Servus!

- Didn't think I'd update twice in the same day, huh? Just messin with 2 backgrounds I made(dunno if I'm gonna keep one of 'em, but if it's not the clouds anymore, you know I liked one of 'em). Played a bit of Mega Man 7, as well as some Mega Man 2, took a snapshot of freezeman's stage, and Bubble Man's, edited a few things here and there, and all was done. My friend is a bit upset that I stole his sourcecode, so now he's gonna put some sort of block out on his, if there even is such a thing(hope I won't have to learn html =( ). Grasshopper Arch Angel Eric decided to put our banner on his other page. Too bad I don't know the url to it... Oh yeah, and a slight counter update too.

- Damn... Been like 17 days since I last updated. No one ever gives me any news though, and I can't create 'em all by myself. Yeah, Samurai faust is still around, and should be forgoten too soon. Just checked out my friend's page, and stole some of his html. Let's see if I got the right stuff, in order for the background to stay in one spot... Oh, and Graal wise, just keep killing stuff, if you don't quite remember what our current mission is, or just ask a Follower that knows.

August 19, 1999

- I apologize for not having updated in the past 2 days. Nothing new that I'm aware of, and still await any sort of guild suggestions from you children =( Went to some page dedicated to Sega RPGs. That's where I got the background from. More power to them! How'd I manage to put in a background? Forgot about just copying source codes, and actually looked it up. Didn't memorize it or anything though. Nothing really but a mere counter update I'm doin here though. Oh well, tata for now!

August 16, 1999

- Welcome another follower, Grasshopper sKoRp! He had been adopted during our 2nd meeting. No log though(ICQ messed up) =( Guess I'm condemed to explaining to ya what's new. I have decided that GP offers some cheap services, and am therefore determined to make it obselite. PKs can make you, the innocent, a victim, and GP will not step up. Samurai Faust will though! Other than that, go kill stuff.

- Yay! Sir Greatn disbanded EoM! Guess we were somewhat succesful. Rooks is still on the lose though, and may seek to buy off your beaver, so beware. Hope we can have another meeting soon, so that I may tell you about our next mission. Other than that, school sucks, but don't feel like gettin ya in a bad mood, due to some nasty descriptions of my experiences today =(

August 15, 1999

- ARGH! Even less time now until my summer's over, since my last update =( Just a counter update, and lettin ya know that my bangs are almost long enough to fit in my mouth =D~~~ Other than that, still not enough visits. Until then, I'll still keep all the news up.

- Really just a counter update, but might as well throw in some reading material. Does anyone have Lunaris' ICQ#? If so, give it to me please ASAP. Remember, we're in it to stop the spread of stupidity, and cannot allow such tyrany to go on in Graal! Still thinking about who we should adopt next. That's about it. Other than that, it's been a shity day, 'cause some assholes keep reminding me that I have school tomorow =( oh well...

August 14, 1999

- Had to update again, in order to update the counter. 1 hit was made for making sure the link worked. Turns out to be that I forgot to put in a "/" in the address. I fix it, and check again. Same problems. Turns out that I put "html", instead of "http" this time though(another hit). I correct that. 3rd hit goes to making sure it worked this time. I find out that Grasshopper(AAE) fucked me over on the html. It's not really for d/l, but to view the file instead >=P I only wanted to be a pain in the ass, but he ruined everything...

- After excesive waiting, the chat log has been finally put up! Go to somewhere around the bottom of the page, to d/l it(do it!). Now you may find out who really did attend the meeting, how Spider-San matured from being a Grasshopper, and best of all, what we declared our mission to be for now! All followers of the Samurai Faust are asked to read it(saves me a lot of time on having to exaplin =)). After having done so, get to bussiness! Credit goes out to Grasshopper Arch Angel Eric, for the needed html.

- It's a Aniversery! We've had a total of 10 hits! Finally had a meeting too. Not everyone attented, but who did? Find out, once the chat log is availible for download! I apologize for the inconvinience, that it isn't up yet, but I'll assure, you'll be most pleased as to what your master(ME! ME!) has to offer. Don't complain either, 'cause I had to wait much longer for a SD3 patch =P In other news, congrats go out to Spider-San, who had been promoted to Worshipper! Why did he mature from being a Grasshopper, and you didn't? Find out for yourself in the upcoming chatlog of our meeting - Really just here to update the counter, but might as well post somethin. Let's see if we can have our meeting tonight, and get down to bussiness after >=)

- Just completed writing up my "personality test"(v.160). All Followers of the Samurai Faust are obligated to take it. Go to http://www.cyberjoueur.com/English/graalboard/messages/6396.html for it, if ya haven't already. Was hoping to have a SF chat today, but was too busy trying to finish up w/ this damn test, and then Lord Rooks wasted my time in the middle of it, by requesting a chat himself instead. I was gonna enlighten you children on our mission, but guess that will have to wait for now. Besides that, I changed my mind about erasing everything that's older than a day. Until this site gets more frequent visits, all the old stuff will have to stay, ensuring that nobody misses anything.

August 13, 1999

- Now we're beefed up to fight for sure! just adopted Grasshopper Arch Angel Eric.

- I sent our wonderful banner to galen, for his banner rotation, but he took it as a joke at first =(. Thankfully, things were cleared up soon after, and this site can soon attract more visitors(due to having no counter, just lemme know whenever ya visit the site, and I'll put it at the bottom of the page...)!

- We finally have a banner! I created it of course. What's so cool about this though, is that I didn't have to learn any html at all. Only required me to copy the source from some other site, and change the address. Damn, I'm too smart for you guys - Congrats to KoRn_FrEaK-San, for he had been promoted from Grasshopper, to Worshipper =D Why? He was the first one to give me a suggestion on whether or not it should be sf, or SF. Which one is it now though? It'll stay SF. In other news, I finally submitted the url to this page to Graal Online. Let's all hope that it'll be up soon.

- Welcome Grasshopper Grendel, for he has just been adopted too. It's been like a year now since I've been playin Graal, so I think, I'll post somethin about it later on(arrogant). Nobody told me yet if it should be "sAMURAI fAUST", or just normal =( To make more ppl think about it, first one to give me a suggestion will be promoted from being a Grasshopper, if not already. On the shitier side of life, I'll start school on monday again. Still haven't decided on what to do w/ SF yet, but more than likely it'll be somethin to prevent the spread of Rooks' lameness. Tomorow, I'll erase all news, except for the one of the previous day(in order to keep a better overview).

- I decided to put up everyone's icq#. I automatically take it as you don't mind me putting it up, unless you actually notify me =)

August 12, 1999

- I was originally planning on reliefing Clops' punishment at midnight tonight, but asked him why i should reverse it 2 1/2 hours early. He made the point "because you haven't seen Orphen yet, you need to keep up on your anime =P". Good one indeed =( Hope you learned your lesson, Clops-San!

- Adopted another Follower. Welcome Grasshopper Spider

- just had another grand idea, while posting the url for our guild page at the bbs! When I intented to write "Samurai Faust", it came out as "sAMURAI fAUST" instead. Which one should we go with?

- uhhh... ppl have been askin what the purpose of SF is. Until I decide on something, just go ahead and kill stuff.

- Sense fear yet? You should. zol just joined our ranks >=)

- Just adopted someone! Welcome our new follower, KoRn_FrEaK.

August 11, 1999

- Yay! I finally have a page up! Let's see if we can get a few more followers today. Lotsa new ppl in Graal, so that shouldn't be a problem. Got a member so far too already! Ok, so he's been loyal for a while longer than that, but anyways, it's Clops =D Things are prone to only go worng now, but we still need YOU to help us make it even worse.



- Adi 64


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log of the first Samurai Faust meeting ever!!!

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