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October 30,1999


I've finally got some time for working on Graal GB. I've added rupees (when you collect a rupee you see how much you got over your head, you also see it in the select screen). Today I'm working on power & dying animation. There are two new screenshots that I have added to the screen shots section.

October 06,1999

Weeeeee I'm very happy Armageddon made me a logo exactly the way I wanted it. Well theres not much to say today. Well heres something the production info and ording info pages are not up yet but heres a little information. When you buy the Graal gameboy game on the market it will be packaged with a cd with Graal online on it(newest version) and it might come with a PC-to-Gameboy link cable(still in development).Well thats all for now. Bye


October 06,1999

Hi everyone 
Armageddon here just thought I would say hi and that im happy to be on the team. But this game is gonna rock when it is finished!


October 04,1999

Mrhack(Still no logo*Please some1 I need 1 bad*)

Today we took on another level designer Armageddon welcome to the team. Plus I have posted the map of the current levels we have created. It's located in the sshots section. I have started a archiving for past months past months will be at the bottom of this page for now on. Oh and answering some peoples questions you must be a level creator to get the level editor and we are not taking any level creators at this moment. Plus we dont have a release date yet.

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