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graal - the adventure

lets party like it's 1999! the worst game ever concieved, graal is an mmo with a heavy focus on zelda-esque landscape and art. being powered by player driven levels and appointed staff, what could possibly go wrong!

everything here includes my old website, as well as various screenshots and movies that i'm sure you are just dying to look at.


world of warcraft

so far this is just a link to my armory profile, but maybe something else will be added in the future.

also, just look at that picture some sucker drew of me ->
i'm such an internet badass.

go married spider and get blow aids and die, if someone actually needs it that you know, you dont rol lon it.



a compilation of the miscellaneous movies myself and others have made over the years that make absolutely no sense.


ms paint lightsabers and gladiator bobbleheads for all!